Bundawarra Agricultural Co
is a family operation located in the shire of Morawa, Western Australia.

It is owned by Cameron and Teresa Tubby along with our four children Liam, Regan, Aiden and Grace. The operation consists of the dryland, broadacre farm in Morawa and the sheep station, Wahroonga, in the shire of Carnarvon in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. Helping with the operation is our Assistant Farm Manager Geoff Scott and his family and our Station Managers Jamie Anderson and Zoe Hamlyn and their children.

The farm at Morawa grows dryland wheat, oats, barley, Triticale, lupins and Field peas. It also runs breeder Van Rooy ewes as well as growing out all lambs produced for market.

Wahroonga station is the location for most of our breeder Van Rooy ewes. It is also where we harvest our rangeland goats. In addition to the small stock production were have also re-established an ornamental fish farm where fish for the aquarium industry are bred. A tourism venture for tourist groups is about to be established utilising our existing shearers quarters and mess.

Production at both properties is carried out under our philosophy of utilising production systems that are suited to our drying environment, are sustainable and profitable. More details on this can be found in the information of each of our enterprises. A lot of the systems we are using have been developed following Cameron’s Nuffield Australia Scholarship study in 2009. A report of this study can be found in Nuffield Australia’s Website.