Rangeland Goats

Goat Meat Australia ProducerBundawarra Rangeland Goats come exclusively from Wahroonga Station. Our Rangeland Goats are as close to organic you can get without being classified as organic.

These animals are endemic to the environment in the Gascoyne region. They are an animal that have naturally adapted themselves to the environment with very little management from pastoralists, therefore they are extremely hardy, productive and clean. There is no supplementary feeding of the goats as they naturally migrate around the property to where the best feed is available.

The Bundawarra Rangeland Goats are generally available for sale at market price in the warmer months of the year.Goat Meat AustraliaThe only handling we do with the goats are when we trap them on water points in the warmer months to draft off saleable animals for slaughter. Our goats are staged at purpose built goat handling facilities on the station before being trucked off to the abattoirs. As the animals arrive at the yards the males and females are separated into their own yards in order to minimise the damage Billies can do to nannies. All the stock are handled utilising the “no stress stock handling” technique developed by Bruce Maynard.

More information on Bundawarra Rangeland Goats will be available on this page soon. 

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