Ornamental Fish

fish breeder and supplier in WAWe breed Ornamental Fish for the aquarium industry of Australia. Bundawarra Ornamental Fish has only recently been re-established after utilising existing facilities set up by the previous owners.

Currently we are growing the following fish for Aquotix Aquariums in Perth.

  • Melanotaenia Splendida “Mary River Chequered Rainbow”
  • Ornamental fish breeder AustraliaMelanotaenia Australis “Fish Creek Rainbow”
  • Mel Praecox “Neon Blue Rainbow”
  • Mel Boesemani “Boesemans Rainbow”
  • Labidochromis caerulius “Electric Yellow Cichlid”
  • Aulonocara sp “Marble Peacock”
  • Melanotaenia lacutris “Lake Katubu Rainbow”

Under our aquaculture licence we are able to breed a range of Rainbow fish, Cichlids, Gourami, Livebearers as well as a number of miscellaneous species.

More information on Bundawarra Ornamental Fish will be available on this page soon. 

For all enquiries please contact us.