Van Rooy Sheep Breeder Western Australia

Van Rooy SheepBundawarra Van Rooy Sheep are a South African breed of meat sheep that were developed early last century for the arid regions to produce a quality carcase for the British market.

Having seen the quality and productivity of Van Rooy sheep that can be produced in the upper Karoo regions of South Africa it was decided that this breed would be the most suited to our region in Australia.

The Bundawarra Van Rooy has proven to be an excellent performer on both the farm and Van Rooy SHeepstation. Therefore our aim at the moment is to expand our breeder ewe numbers to a sustainable number and quality. We believe our animals are ethically produced as there is very little husbandry requirements on either the lambs, rams or ewes as well as all staff, children and owners are trained in handling the stock utilising the “no stress stock handling” technique developed by Bruce Maynard.

Currently we run breeder Van Rooy ewes on both the farm at Morawa and Wahroonga station. All lambs that are for breeding, slaughter or export are grown out to market weight on the Morawa farm. All Van Rooy rams used with ewes are born and breed on the Morawa farm. As well as the van rooy rams we are using white dorper rams over a percentage of our Van Rooy ewes to further improve the quality of our slaughter lambs.A flock of our Van Rooy Sheep

We currently offer a range of sheep for sale

Please see the listing below along with prices.

  • Slaughter and live export ram and ewe lambs – Market price
  • Van Rooy cross ewe lambs (Suitable for breeding) – $100 per/hd GST exclusive
  • Van Rooy cross ram lambs (Suitable for breeding) – $150 per/hd GST exclusive
  • Pure Bundawarra Van Rooy Rams – $200 – $500 per/hd GST exclusive – depends on age and quality
  • Pure Bundawarra Van Rooy Ewes – Not available yet

More information on our Vany Rooy Sheep will be available on this page soon. 

For all enquiries please contact us.